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Wikipedia Turned Into Book By A 22 Year Old

Wikipedia into a book? Sounds interesting!! Yes it's true... Wikipedia,the world's best free online knowledge portal now turned into book by Rob Matthews a 22 year old graphic design student from Brighton, Sussex.What is even more interesting is that he compiled it in just 2 weeks! This book contains hundreds of featured articles,you might wonder if you know the size of the stands 1 ft 7 inches(48cm 28mm)and features as many as 5000 pages.

Make your own custom Mobile Themes using ZEDGE’s Theme Maker

Wanna a get a custom theme of your taste on your mobile phone? Then here's something interesting for you.Here's a site called,which allows you to create mobile themes online for free! All you need to do is to register in that site and as soon as you login, all you have to do is to select the make and model of your cellphone.Then start creating your theme.

Integrate Google Docs with Microsoft Office by OffiSync

Microsoft office is the popular and most successful Office suite by Microsoft which has no other alternative for windows users ( :D though there is tough competition from Open Office of Sun Micro system Oh! now it is grabbed by Oracle ). Most of us will be using Microsoft Office Suite for one or other purpose but when we would like to share that document with our friends or colleagues and edit it we use the Google's Google Docs service where in we can edit our documents online .

Google Wave to "redefine" E-mail communication

As Google promised to reveal something interesting on the second day of the Google I/O conference, and they announced Google Wave- the next evolution of email.Google wave a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool which was created by the two programmers jens and Lars Rasmussen who were behind Google maps.

Kill The Virus From your USB Drive Using Free Tool Autorun Eater

Very often than not you might have suffered using virus infected USB drives.These viruses spread very quickly and are a big threat to your system.It may lead to potential hazards and loss of valuable information.Usually they spread when you use USB drives or removable media connected to other infected systems.These viruses usually spread through a file ‘Autorun.inf'.

A Preview of MS Office 2010

After Windows 7 now Microsoft geared up for office 2010 (previously referred to by its codename Office 14).Office 2010 is the next version of the successful Microsoft Office suite.To know why is Microsoft office suite is so popular see the comparison of various office suites from Wikipedia. So this time Microsoft took an initiative for "Technical Preview" demoing the features of office 2010.Click here to register for Technical Preview program Check out as well :)

Locate Anonymous Phone calls with TP2Location, for free of cost

At times you receive phone calls from unknown people from different locations ,no wonder if it is international too.Actually it happens to you as you give away your phone numbers in shopping malls and other places with out any other thought.You might even be replying to scam mails which says you have won '$100 million Lottery' (:D with out you even buying the lottery ticket)reply the mail with your address and contact details to receive the check or cash.So don't ever reply to scam/spam mails!

100+ Media player 11 skins for free download !

Windows Media Player is the default player in windows operating system which is used by 60% of the world.Windows media player is packed as default media player from window 98 Operating system.Since its journey from 1st version to 11th version there is a lot of change in the codecs,GUI and skins as well.

[video]Past and Present of Google

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Everyone today that has used the web must have used or at least surfed any of Google’s web products . Google today is the biggest company on the Web both in terms of users and revenue and this well done video explains the whole history of Google in a cartoonic way .

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Download YouTube HD Videos on Computer

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I believe that by now everyone knows that YouTube now supports HD 720p and full-HD 1080p. We can enjoy a great viewing experience with YouTube as videos look bigger and better. Well, if you are interested in downloading such videos then you do so using a freeware known as YouTube HD Transfer.

YouTube HD Transfer is software that allows you to download YouTube videos on your computer with ease. You can not only download YouTube videos in HD but also in other qualities and formats. Downloading videos with this software is pretty easy. All you need to do is simply paste the YouTube video URL from your browser into YouTube HD Transfer and select the video quality you want to download and click on the Download button. The software also includes a search function that helps you to search any video you would like to download. In addition to this you can also preview the video before actually downloading the video.

Download YouTube HD Transfer

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Bing Search Engine Tips and Tricks

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I’m pretty sure you may have heard about the new search engine- ‘Bing’ from Microsoft. Nowadays, I usually use Bing instead of Google. I feel it’s a lot better than Google search but it’s just in Beta stage and has a long way to go in order to compete with Google search. Well, if you are planning to try out Bing then have a look at the below tips and tricks.
Bing Search Engine Tips and Tricks

Best Match Feature:
Bing features a ‘Best match’ feature, which sets up the best result in a distinct, easily accessible space at the top of the page. It helps you to identify which result might be most useful, particularly when one link clearly provides the official or authoritative source of information. It’s something similar to the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature in Google.

Quick Preview, summary of links:
Whenever you search any word, you get a list of links. On the right hand side of the link you’ll notice a small arrow when you hove the mouse over it. Click on it to get a summary of the link on the right hand side. This is really helpful if you want to go to the exact link where you have the stuff you require.

Related links/ searches:
Bing also displays related links for the keywords you search. You can have a look at related links on the left hand sidebar.

Save or Mail search Results:
You can save each and every search that you perform on Bing. You can also mail searches to your contacts using the Microsoft Silverlight feature.

Direct Download MP3s:
You can easily download MP3’s using Bing. Simply search for the artist or album name followed by ‘contains:mp3’. For instance rammstein contains:mp3. It will yield search results that have link to MP3 files of Rammstein.

Preview video search results:
This feature is something similar to the summary of the links feature mentioned above. Whenever you search for a particular video in Bing, you can preview it in the search results page itself before actually going to the page and viewing it. Just hove your mouse over it to play and preview video.

Using the Bing: Full Version:
If you aren’t a North American resident then you are missing a lot of Bing features. To enjoy all the features simply go to and set your language as English – US. You should now have access to all the features.

RSS in search:
Add &format=rss to the end of a link and press enter. You should be able to RSS feeds.

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Nokia officially unveiled its new product Nokia Booklet 3G. The new Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop will run Windows operating system with Intel Atom processor.

Nokia Booklet 3G comes with 12 hour stretchable battery life and 10.1 inch HD display (HDMI video output) in an aluminum shell. Booklet 3G designed for fast uploading and downloading in 3G/HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). It also supports Wi-Fi and hot swappable SIM card functionality.

Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop consists single facing camera kept above 10.1 inch HD display for video chat, with Blue tooth and built in SD card reader.

There is no official price list for Nokia Booklet 3G , We hope, soon more details will be available at Nokia World 09 on 2 September.

Nokia Booklet 3G Video :

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Email notifier is a handy application to get alerts for new emails without having to open specific web email account in web browser. Now you can receive email alerts while browsing internet within Firefox browser using WebMail Notifier plugin. It checks your web email account and give alerts for unread emails.

WebMail Notifier Firefox addon features
1. It supports Gmail and Google Apps email accounts.
2. Yahoo Mail support for,,
3. Live Mail support for,,
4. Also supports,,,

You can configure multiple accounts across different webmail services and receive notification for new / unread emails within Firefox browser. Download WebMail Notifier Firefox addon for new email message notification.

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In the last couple of decades identity-theft has taken a lot of forms,here's something which is even more scarier. Think your keys are always safe?Think again.Computer programmers at UC San Diego have built a software called 'Sneaky' which can create an exact replica of a key from its image.

What is even more scaring is that the image need not be a good one,it can use an image of a key from almost any angle to create an exact replica.Cellphone pictures work and, in a chilling example, the team successfully reproduced a key using a shot taken with a telephoto lens from 200 feet away.

"You only need to click a few control points in the image of the key and the 'Sneakey' program does the rest," programmer Benjamin Laxton told a UCSD reporter, "It normalizes the key's size and position so that each pixel then corresponds to a known distance. From this information the height of each of the key cuts can easily be computed and likewise the bitting code can be extracted."

While the UCSD researchers have not released the Sneakey code to the public, they believe that anyone with a basic knowledge of MATLAB and computer vision techniques could build a comparable system.

What can you do to guard against it? Not much, save treat your keys like you do your credit card. Don't publicize its image, because that's all "Sneaky" and software like it would need.

I believe that Sneakey could be very useful for government and defense purposes, but it could be disastrous in the wrong hands. If you have pictures of your keys up on Flickr for any reason, now might be a good time to take them down.
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Google announced that it is developing an OS-the Google Chrome Operating System.Google Chrome OS will initially be targeted at netbooks,but will eventually be used on PCs as well.The Search giant says that it's a natural extension of the Google Chrome Browser. "Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS" said the blog post written by Sundar Pichai on Google Blog."Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010,"he added.What is even more interesting is that this announcement has come off just months before Microsoft launches the latest version of its OS -Windows 7.

Will Chrome OS stand out to strike at the heart of Microsoft's software empire??

"We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you on to the web in a few seconds," said the blog post written by Sundar Pichai, vice-president of product management, and Google's engineering director Linus Upson.Both men said that "the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web" and that this OS was "our attempt to rethink what operating systems should be".

“The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. For application developers, the web is the platform. All web-based applications will automatically work and new applications can be written using your favorite web technologies.”

The announcement could dramatically change the market share of the operating systems,challenging Microsoft's major pie in the OS market.The situation may be similar to the 'browser war' of the 90's.It seems Google wants to systematically eliminate or reduce the Microsoft's dominance in the OS market.

The big question is, will it stand out to the test of time?

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The Beta Tag is out of Gmail

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As a regular Gmail user,you might have wondered why Gmail is still with its Beta tag for so long.It's more than five years Gmail has worn the beta tag.Often this was ridiculed and even of jokes.The search giant has long argued that their applications are kept in the beta status for so long to reflect the amount of testing that needs to be performed.

However,with a view to appealing its business customers Google has dropped the beta name for Google Apps."The end result (many visible and invisible changes later) is that today, beta is a thing of the past. Not just for Gmail, but for all of Google Apps — Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Talk." said Gmail product director Keith Coleman in a blog post.

"Since the beginning of the year, we've focused on making it as easy as possible for large enterprises to switch to Google," said Google Apps senior product manager Rajen Sheth in another blog post.

For those long-time Gmail users who are feeling hard to get used to using Gmail without that familiar grey "BETA" text greeting,you can still get the beta look.Just go to Settings, click on Labs tab, turn on "Back to Beta," and it'll be like Gmail never left beta at all.

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Were you ever frustrated with frequent pausing and playing while watching streaming video?This indeed is the case with those having a low bandwidth internet connection.If you wish to watch videos without interruptions,here is a software which helps you to get faster and smoother videos form YouTube or other streaming video websites.

Download it here.

Unique Video Acceleration Features

* Accelerates streaming videos from YouTube and over 150 sites!
* Reduces "movie freezes" and "buffering" problems!
* Video Accelerator for iTunes (Premium) accelerates the download of iTunes movies, music videos and TV shows up to 10 times faster!
* Feature to bookmark recently accelerated videos for easy replays!
* New automatic recovery implementation prevents SpeedBit Video Accelerator from being disabled

* Improved logging mechanism allows for PAC file probing prior to communication test execution
* Includes cool search tab feature for finding videos across the web right from your desktop!

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More often than not bloggers and web designers have faced the problem of cleaning up HTML errors.As HTML pages contain a lot of tags and with a slightly complex syntax,its usual that one can do a lot of mistakes while writing an HTML file.There are a lot of free HTML validators which can easily check for syntax and other errors in HTML files and validate them automatically.One such free validator is the Free CSE HTML Validator for basic HTML editing and automatic correction.

The process of cleaning up errors becomes even more easier if a plugin is available which is nicely integrated with your browser.

If you are an ardent lover of Firefox then you can use HTML Validator Firefox plugin to check for errors in HTML files.Whenever there are errors,it shows number of errors & a warning icon at the bottom right of the Firefox window.

Tabs are provided inorder to toggle between Original HTML,Cleaned up HTML,Original browser and Cleaned browser.Errors are spotted which can be easily corrected. You can add indents to element content or set tags and attributes to uppercase. Download HTML Validator Firefox extension to check for HTML errors within Firefox.

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