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Wikipedia Turned Into Book By A 22 Year Old

Wikipedia into a book? Sounds interesting!! Yes it's true... Wikipedia,the world's best free online knowledge portal now turned into book by Rob Matthews a 22 year old graphic design student from Brighton, Sussex.What is even more interesting is that he compiled it in just 2 weeks! This book contains hundreds of featured articles,you might wonder if you know the size of the stands 1 ft 7 inches(48cm 28mm)and features as many as 5000 pages.

Make your own custom Mobile Themes using ZEDGE’s Theme Maker

Wanna a get a custom theme of your taste on your mobile phone? Then here's something interesting for you.Here's a site called,which allows you to create mobile themes online for free! All you need to do is to register in that site and as soon as you login, all you have to do is to select the make and model of your cellphone.Then start creating your theme.

Integrate Google Docs with Microsoft Office by OffiSync

Microsoft office is the popular and most successful Office suite by Microsoft which has no other alternative for windows users ( :D though there is tough competition from Open Office of Sun Micro system Oh! now it is grabbed by Oracle ). Most of us will be using Microsoft Office Suite for one or other purpose but when we would like to share that document with our friends or colleagues and edit it we use the Google's Google Docs service where in we can edit our documents online .

Google Wave to "redefine" E-mail communication

As Google promised to reveal something interesting on the second day of the Google I/O conference, and they announced Google Wave- the next evolution of email.Google wave a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool which was created by the two programmers jens and Lars Rasmussen who were behind Google maps.

Kill The Virus From your USB Drive Using Free Tool Autorun Eater

Very often than not you might have suffered using virus infected USB drives.These viruses spread very quickly and are a big threat to your system.It may lead to potential hazards and loss of valuable information.Usually they spread when you use USB drives or removable media connected to other infected systems.These viruses usually spread through a file ‘Autorun.inf'.

A Preview of MS Office 2010

After Windows 7 now Microsoft geared up for office 2010 (previously referred to by its codename Office 14).Office 2010 is the next version of the successful Microsoft Office suite.To know why is Microsoft office suite is so popular see the comparison of various office suites from Wikipedia. So this time Microsoft took an initiative for "Technical Preview" demoing the features of office 2010.Click here to register for Technical Preview program Check out as well :)

Locate Anonymous Phone calls with TP2Location, for free of cost

At times you receive phone calls from unknown people from different locations ,no wonder if it is international too.Actually it happens to you as you give away your phone numbers in shopping malls and other places with out any other thought.You might even be replying to scam mails which says you have won '$100 million Lottery' (:D with out you even buying the lottery ticket)reply the mail with your address and contact details to receive the check or cash.So don't ever reply to scam/spam mails!

100+ Media player 11 skins for free download !

Windows Media Player is the default player in windows operating system which is used by 60% of the world.Windows media player is packed as default media player from window 98 Operating system.Since its journey from 1st version to 11th version there is a lot of change in the codecs,GUI and skins as well.

Play online games in Gtalk ( gmail based)

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Now you have fun by playing online games while chatting with your friends in Gtlak(Gmail based).Currently this application is only available for web based Google Talk sandbox application and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer.

Here is the simple procedure to activate this cool feature :

1. Open Google Talk Sandbox (use Firefox, nogo in IE!).
2. Click on any friend name in your Gtalk buddy list.
3. Click Options > Start Applications
4. Then enter URL of game gadget and start playing.

List of Applications available:

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is a simple application to let you play rochambeau with your friends. This demonstrates a very simple use of the gadgets.sharedstate API.


A full-featured chess game. A more complex game using the gadgets.sharedstate API.


An application that translates what your friend says into the language your browser is set to. An example of using other Google APIs in conjunction with the gadgets.sharedstate API.

Technorati Profile

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Yahoo 360 is no more available says Yahoo

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There were rumors around closing of Yahoo 360( social networking site run by Yahoo, more over is a blogging kind of service ) down from nov 2007 but its now going to be truly official.They've set a date - July 13 is the day that Yahoo 360 will be no more.

Earlier this year yahoo announced closing of Yahoo Briefcase service and yahoo geocities and now its yahoo 360 's turn.Now yahoo is requesting its users to switch to their new profiles on or before july 13th.

I got a mail from yahoo team which says


Dear Yahoo! 360° customer,

To read this in Vietnamese, please use the link at the bottom of the message.

We will be officially closing Yahoo! 360° on July 13, 2009, to focus our efforts on making your new profile on Yahoo! the place where you connect with the people who matter to you most. As a result, you will need to move your 360° information to your new profile before this date. After July 12, 2009, your content on Yahoo! 360° will no longer be accessible. Here are some details to guide you through this transition.

What you need to move to your new profile
Your 360° information will not be automatically transferred to your new profile on Yahoo!. To move your profile photo, nickname, and any personal status messages, you'll need to first save or download them before July 13, 2009. Once you've saved this information, you can later upload it to your new profile. Be sure to head over to your new profile soon so you can make it look just the way you want.

What to do with your blog
Be sure to take your blog with you as part of this transition process. To help, we've built a blogging tool for you in your new profile on Yahoo!. We've made the move easy; it takes just one click to take your posts with you. If you'd prefer to take your blog to a different website instead, you can download an archive of your posts and transfer them to your new blog space. Click here to read more about your blogging options.

Some content will not be supported in your new profile
Please note that your new profile will not allow mature content. Also, you will not be able to take the following with you to your new profile: your 360° inbox, testimonials, friend categories, local reviews, RSS feeds, tags, or custom theme. If you want to retain any of this material, we strongly recommend that you return to your pages and download it before July 13, 2009.

Your privacy settings are retained
Your privacy is important to us. Both your new profile and your blog contents will be set to "private". This means unless you change the setting, you will be the only one able to see your profile.

To help you through this transition, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and resources here.

Thank you for using Yahoo! 360°. We look forward to seeing you in your new profile on Yahoo!.

The Yahoo! Profile Team


Existing yahoo 360 users are requested to download their content form .

If you have any more queries go through yahoo 360 FAQ .

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Skype 4.1 beta relased with cool features

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Skype a famous software that enables the world’s conversations has released is new version 4.1 with new and exiting features.Skype is used by Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, people everywhere also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles.

Interestingly this time Skype has added a new screen sharing feature to your chats.

New Features:
Screen sharing: Share your screen with other Skype users.

Accessibility: Keyboard navigation and MSAA support.

Contact Importers : Allows you to import more contacts from external address books.

Birthday reminders: Alerts you when one of your contacts has a birthday.

Send Contacts: Send contacts from your own list to other Skype users.

Toolbars: Skype browser toolbar improvements.

Colour scheme: Minor improvements.

Call toolbar: Graphical improvements.

Naturally all the above new features are for free of cost.

Check out PDF file to know complete release notes of Skype 4.1 Beta windows.

Download Skype 4.1 Beta for Windows.

I download this new version as soon as published and i hope you too will download yours and enjoy the new cool features.

This new version is only available for windows users.

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Whats new in windows 7 RC???

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This screencast and document covers the key new features and improvements in the Windows 7 Release Candidate. This includes areas like performance, networking, security, PC management as well as everyday tasks.

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It's time to create next generation applications with worlds successful product Micrsoft Visual studio 2010 beta.Yes! now Microsoft has released Visual studio 2010 beta for free download for public users too, previously free download offer was only TechNet users and MSDN users but now its free for all.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta contains three versions

This news version contains lot of new features and changes, you can get complete details about new features via MSDN.

Features of Visual studio 2010 beta from official site

Visual Studio 2010 Beta includes the following main features which is announced by Microsoft.

Enhanced User Experience : Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 delivers a modern, enhanced user experience that makes understanding the current context more natural.

Parallel Programming : Parallel programming is simplified, so both native and managed code developers can productively build innovative applications.

Democratizing Application Lifecycle Management : Visual Studio Team System 2010 delivers new capabilities for everyone on a project, including architects, developers, project managers and testers.

Inspiring Developer Delight : Visual Studio has made application development more productive, efficient and flexible for both developers and companies. Visual Studio 2010 continues this legacy.

Cloud Development : With Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio, it’s easy for developers to build, debug and deploy services and applications for Microsoft’s new cloud platform.

More Databases : With the Visual Studio partner ecosystem, developers will now be able to work with IBM DB2 and Oracle databases in addition to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Web Development : With Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft continuing investment in great Web development tools.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta , Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 1. If you are interested to test .NET Framework 4 Beta with Visual Studio 2010 Beta Download via MSDN.

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Now "Inbox Preview is in gmail"

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The pace of google labs goes unabated.This time Google aimed at people with low speed internet,Google labs introduced a new feature "Inbox Preview" this enables a user to preview his latest 10 emails while gmail bar is loading.This feature will be really useful for busy people who access internet with Wifi in crowded places.

Peter Balsiger, Software Engineer, writes, "We created a new feature in Gmail Labs called Inbox Preview. While Gmail is loading, a simple, static preview of your inbox with your ten most recent messages is displayed. Turn it on from the Labs tab under Settings, and if you're on a slow connection you'll know from the start if it's worth the wait."

Common lets see the procedure to activate this cool feature.

1. Log in to your Gmail account

2. Move to settings page and select labs option (If you haven’t enabled Gmail labs click here)

3. Scroll down and find out Inbox preview option in labs and enable it

4. Save the settings and come back to Gmail.

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Its really a tough task for we people to create charts online, came into existence.

According to statistics "that over 1 billion charts, maps, plots and diagrams are found in print publications each year, however, only 40 million online. This huge difference in numbers sure reflects the complexity to create and publish charts online". is a cool web2.0 application which enables users to create their charts online in an interactive allows you to Create interactive charts online,Minimize complexities and Keep the process as simple as possible.There is no need to sign up to create charts.

Procedure to create:

First decide whether you want to create a dynamic chart or a static chart and then select the type of the chart like bar, pie, line, dynamic and maps.Then enter your data related to chart , the title and description of the chart, finally you will see a colorful chart as an output.

A variety of charts to choose from:

You could create a variety of charts like:

  • Bar and column charts

  • Pie charts

  • Line and area charts

  • Scatter plots, Venn diagrams and Radar charts

  • Static maps

  • Interactive maps

  • Dynamic timeline charts and Motion charts

  • Org charts and other fun charts like Google-o-meter and gauge

Upcoming features on Chartle:

  1. New Ajax/Flash user interface

  2. Easier embedding

  3. Business friendly

  4. Social network compatibility and more . . .

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Are you looking to get a tool for resizing your images?? how about right clicking and getting your job done .

Here is one such Open source tool to get your job done.

Download the tool here

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Save your Screen casting in FLASH format

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Screen casting softwares are helpful in capturing your screens, these are mostly used for creating video tutorials often containing audio and video narration.

There are many Screen casting softwares but there are only few which allows us to save our screen casts in Flash format.

BB FlashBack Express is a free screen recorder software with multiple functionality. It produces high rate of recordings with minimum system configuration.

BB FlashBack Express was previously sold for $39, but now its a freeware.

Features of BB FlashBack Express

* Record your screen, sound and webcam.
* Share movies with one-click upload to Youtube and other video sharing sites.
* Save movies as Flash or AVI files.
* Sound Record a commentary at the same time as the screen.
* Continuous Recording Ideal for usability testing, monitoring and similar applications.

Download BB FlashBack Express

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IE theme for Firefox!!!

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Firefox is one of the best browser which became popular through its add-ons, technical support, updates and fixes.Most of the people who are aware of firefox and its features will never look back for another browser but some people like to use firefox for its fastness in browsing but likes the look and feel of IE.So have you ever thought of transforming Firefox to IE??? Yeah! You can.

Ie8fox 1.5 is a popular add-on which transform the look and feel of IE 8.0 to firefox.

This is theme is supported from FireFox 3.0 – 3.6a1pre

Download Internet Explorer 8 Theme for Firefox

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RAM is the second most important component in the system after CPU.It is used to provide memory for current running applications and acts like a temporary memory unit.The more faster it is the more the CPU performs.So the performance of the RAM can be boost up by optimizing it regularly.

*Need of RAM boosters:

Many application softwares uses huge libraries which are required to run those applications.Even we are using are not the libraries stay in RAM and degrades the performance of the system.
Though Operating system swaps these library files to virtual memory and replaces with the necessary files we need another utilities which performs better than the OS,they are non other than the RAM Boosters.

Lets see the popular applications which are used for boosting RAM speed.

1.MZ RAM Booster:

Key Features of Mz RAM Booster:

* System Information
* System Tweaks
* Cpu Control
* Tray Icon Options
* Mz Ram Booster Options

This is the best RAM optimization tool I’ve seen so far. It comes for Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. You need to have .Net Framework 2.0 (or a higher version) to run Mz Ram Booster.
Download Mz RAM Booster

2.Instant RAM Booster 1.0

Instant RAM booster is also another best application program which helps you in optimizing your RAM speed.The interesting feature of instant RAM booster is that it shows the detailed real time usage of Physical and virtual RAM.

Key Features of Instant RAM Booster:

* Completely EASY TO INSTALL
* EASY TO USE - No Computer Knowledge Needed

Download Instant RAM Booster 1.0

3.RAM Booster Expert:

This is another popular which performs on its own style.This application shows the usage in a graphical format.

Download RAM Booster Expert

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