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Wikipedia Turned Into Book By A 22 Year Old

Wikipedia into a book? Sounds interesting!! Yes it's true... Wikipedia,the world's best free online knowledge portal now turned into book by Rob Matthews a 22 year old graphic design student from Brighton, Sussex.What is even more interesting is that he compiled it in just 2 weeks! This book contains hundreds of featured articles,you might wonder if you know the size of the stands 1 ft 7 inches(48cm 28mm)and features as many as 5000 pages.

Make your own custom Mobile Themes using ZEDGE’s Theme Maker

Wanna a get a custom theme of your taste on your mobile phone? Then here's something interesting for you.Here's a site called,which allows you to create mobile themes online for free! All you need to do is to register in that site and as soon as you login, all you have to do is to select the make and model of your cellphone.Then start creating your theme.

Integrate Google Docs with Microsoft Office by OffiSync

Microsoft office is the popular and most successful Office suite by Microsoft which has no other alternative for windows users ( :D though there is tough competition from Open Office of Sun Micro system Oh! now it is grabbed by Oracle ). Most of us will be using Microsoft Office Suite for one or other purpose but when we would like to share that document with our friends or colleagues and edit it we use the Google's Google Docs service where in we can edit our documents online .

Google Wave to "redefine" E-mail communication

As Google promised to reveal something interesting on the second day of the Google I/O conference, and they announced Google Wave- the next evolution of email.Google wave a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool which was created by the two programmers jens and Lars Rasmussen who were behind Google maps.

Kill The Virus From your USB Drive Using Free Tool Autorun Eater

Very often than not you might have suffered using virus infected USB drives.These viruses spread very quickly and are a big threat to your system.It may lead to potential hazards and loss of valuable information.Usually they spread when you use USB drives or removable media connected to other infected systems.These viruses usually spread through a file ‘Autorun.inf'.

A Preview of MS Office 2010

After Windows 7 now Microsoft geared up for office 2010 (previously referred to by its codename Office 14).Office 2010 is the next version of the successful Microsoft Office suite.To know why is Microsoft office suite is so popular see the comparison of various office suites from Wikipedia. So this time Microsoft took an initiative for "Technical Preview" demoing the features of office 2010.Click here to register for Technical Preview program Check out as well :)

Locate Anonymous Phone calls with TP2Location, for free of cost

At times you receive phone calls from unknown people from different locations ,no wonder if it is international too.Actually it happens to you as you give away your phone numbers in shopping malls and other places with out any other thought.You might even be replying to scam mails which says you have won '$100 million Lottery' (:D with out you even buying the lottery ticket)reply the mail with your address and contact details to receive the check or cash.So don't ever reply to scam/spam mails!

100+ Media player 11 skins for free download !

Windows Media Player is the default player in windows operating system which is used by 60% of the world.Windows media player is packed as default media player from window 98 Operating system.Since its journey from 1st version to 11th version there is a lot of change in the codecs,GUI and skins as well.

GMail access blocked by your school or office administration?This is the problem many encounter-GMail Blocked.Here is a guide with various tricks to unblock your favorite GMail and enjoy the full mail access at your organization.

1. Using Different URLs

This trick might seem silly,but might work at times.Instead of using the URL try using different URLs like, to access your GMail account when GMail is blocked at your school or office. This trick works only if your network/IT administrator has blocked alone and left the rest of the domains open (unblocked) as they are not widely known to people. Here is the list of alternative URLs to access GMail

* or
2. Access Blocked GMail Using iGoogle

GMail is available as a gadget to iGoogle and you can use this gadget to access GMail. When you access GMail through iGoogle all the communication with the GMail servers is routed through iGoogle servers. So this defeats all the restriction and filters applied by IT administrators in blocking domain.

To access GMail through iGoogle,

1. Login to iGoogle using your Google Account
2. Add GMail gadget to iGoogle by clicking this link or by using Add Stuff on screen
3. That’s all. Start accessing your GMail inside iGoogle.

3. Access GMail Using Opera Mini Simulator

Use Opera Mini Browser Online Simulator application to access GMail in a small screen window. Opera Mini is a popular web browser for mobile phones. It allows users to work with live demo of Opera Mini that functions exactly like it would when installed on a handset.

Point your browser to and start accessing blocked GMail using the URL mails on mobile simulator is definitely not convenient as reading them on a full screen browser computer. But when you need to access your GMail urgently, this trick might be helpful to you.

4. Use Microsoft Outlook Or Other Mail Programs To Access GMail

Using POP3/IMAP Configure your mail clients like Outlook, Live Mail, Lotus Notes to
access GMail using POP3 or IMAP protocol. This trick of accessing GMail when blocked is mostly useful for working professionals as they should be definitely using some mail client for official mail access.

You can find the instruction to configure POP3 and IMAP access for various mail clients over here and here

5. Launch GMail from Google Talk

In few organizations only Gmail is blocked but not Google Chat . If that is the case with your organization we can use it to our advantage. Then you can launch GMail from Google Talk application. Sign in to GTalk and click on the envelope icon to launch GMail.

6. Use Your Smart Phones

If you have internet connection on your mobile, you can make use of your mobile phone to access GMail.GMail has an excellent native application for most of the mobiles like iPhone, Nokia, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. The ease at which
you can read and reply to mails through GMail for Mobile is
amazing. It is my favorite mobile application.

You can download GMail application for mobiles from Google

7. Use Proxy Web Site To Bypass

Using proxy website to beat censorship is one of the popular ways for unblocking any kind of websites. When we try to access GMail using a web proxy, the web proxy hides our IP address and uses it’s own IP address to load the page.

8. Nothing Working? Then Bribe Your IT Administrator

If none of the above methods worked for you then take help of someone at IT department and get access to GMail. Bribe them Offer small gifts, drinks or something else they like.

Either you can ask them to grant access for your PC or get details of internal proxy server that allow GMail access.

What do you do to access GMail when it is blocked? Share your experience in the comments. We love to hear from you.

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